Cafe at Prairie Lights

  • Michael Wille, 'New Day'

    Michael Wille was born in Pontiac, IL and currently lives and works in Normal, IL. He received an MFA in painting from Bowling Green State University and a BFA from Milikin University. His work has been exhibited at the Space Art Gallery in Pittsburgh, Hoffman LaChance Contemporary in St. Louis, Resolution Gallery in Johannesburg (South Africa), and many others. In 2007 Wille was featured in Mapping the Terrain: New Directions in Abstract Painting in Louisiana and has been featured in New American Paintings many times. He has lectured about his work in places such as Temple University in Tokyo, Japan and the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa), where he was an artist-in-residence in February 2009.

    In addition to keeping an active studio practice, Wille is an Associate Professor of Art at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. He teaches a wide range of courses to undergraduate and graduate students within the Painting and Drawing curriculum.

  • Danielle Kimzey, Kristen Necessary + Kelly Jones, 'Chambers'

    Chamber music is a style of music arranged for small instrumental groups. Historically, a composition was performed in a private living space among acquaintances and can be compared to the act of conversation. The intimacy of the home creates an atmosphere that shapes the experience of the performance in a manner unlike its counterparts. The exhibition Chambers, featuring the work of Danielle Kimzey, Kristen Necessary, and Kelly Jones, similarly embraces the domestic space as a site rich with unique narratives. The private realm harbors sensitivity, which magnifies the nuances and idiosyncrasies of its inhabitants and sets a stage for noticing the extraordinary in the seemingly banal.

    Originally from Dallas, TX, Danielle Huey Kimzey currently lives and works in southern California. She graduated from The University of Iowa with an MFA in Painting in 2011. Prior to graduate school she worked as a gelato scooper, a muralist in Costa Rica, a tour guide in France, and a high school art teacher. She is currently a visiting artist-in-residence at Knox College. For more information please visit

    Kristen Necessary is a working artist and the director of Zenic Press in Iowa City. Born and raised in the coalfields of southwest Virginia amidst the cultural region of Central Appalachia, this experience influences her artistic work and conceptual awareness to the relationship between place and identity. She was awarded an MFA by the University of Iowa and a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally
    and is part of many collections including the Denver Art Museum. For more information please visit

    Kelly Jones is originally from Iowa City where she currently lives and works. She earned her B.A in Art History and Studio Art with a B.F.A in Painting at the University of Iowa. Kelly currently works at Herteen and Stocker Jewelers where some of her paintings are hung in the windows.

  • Ben Cohan + Robert Fifield, 'Anywhere'

    Trees, clouds, and empty roads populate the landscapes of Robert Fifield and Ben Cohan in the exhibition, “Anywhere.” The exhibition tells of a place that is both near and far; a landscape that keeps its distance while remaining close to home. While both bodies of work hold an apparent individuality, both artists are drawing from familiar landscape iconography. Fifield’s work explores the representation of landscape through the reduction and augmentation of cartographic languages. Cohan’s work uses the romantic possibilities of paint to confront places that are often overlooked. At first glance, the sites may be from anywhere, yet they embody a certain peculiarity that leaves one with a satisfying curiosity.

  • Emily Maxwell + Joel Parsons

    The Times Club at Prairie Lights is pleased to present the work of Iowa City-based artist Emily Maxwell and Chicago-based artist Joel Parsons.  The work in this exhibition includes photographic prints by Maxwell and Cyanotypes and sculpture by Parsons.