Cafe at Prairie Lights

  • We got our espresso machine!

    Today our espresso machine arrived from Seattle. It is a La Marzocco three group Linea that was manufactured in July 2009. It was also really heavy. And look how shiny! We are also super excited about our new chairs!

    Next week, you will be able to sit in our chairs and check out your reflection while waiting for a great shot of Stumptown Hairbender espresso!

  • Coffee & Cupcakes!

    We've been working long hours transforming the cafe into a warm and inviting place with tones of red, brown, and yellow. Check out our progress (and see if you can find James in the picture!) We are so excited to be working with Deluxe Bakery and to be selling their delicious pastries! In one week (3/22) you'll be able to pick up one of their goodies as well as a delicious cup of Stumptown coffee - we got our first shipment today! Hope to see you soon!