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Archive“Live from Prairie Lights” is an internationally known readings series, which features some of the best up-and-coming and well-established authors & poets from all over the globe. Presented before a live audience and streamed over the world wide web, this long running series brings the spoken word from the bookstore to the masses.
Most readings begin @ 7:00 p.m. Arrive early to assure yourself a seat.

The Writing University live streams many of our readings here.
The Live from Prairie Lights audio archive is available here.
Iowa City PATV has a video archive of readings located here.
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  • IWP Reading: Banerjee, Kabu and Axel

    September 28, 2014 - 4:00pm

    Prairie Lights

    IWP residents Binayak Banerjee (India) and Mamle Kabu (Ghana) will be joined by Iowa Writers' Workshop MFA candidate Andy Axel at this free event.

    Binayak BANERJEE (fiction writer, poet, playwright; India) is the author of the novels [A Year with Sohagini] (2008), [The Winner] (2009), and [Star Harbor] (2011), the poem collections [You My Life, You Alien] (2008), and [One Hundred Love Poems] (2013), and, in 2013, the play [Rabindranath Public Limited] (2013). He writes for Bengali literary magazines, is engaged with the Shakespeare Society of Eastern India, and teaches English at the Sri Ram Roy School and the Syamaprasad College in Kolkata.

    Mamle KABU (fiction writer; Ghana) is the author of the young adult novel The Kaya-Girl (2012), and is currently working on her first novel. Her stories, which include “The End of
    Skill” (shortlisted for the 2009 Caine Prize), "Human Mathematics” and "Story of Faith" have been anthologized across Africa, the U.S. and the UK. She is the associate director of the Writers Project of Ghana.


    September 29, 2014 - 7:00pm

    Prairie Lights

    Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduate Cristina Henriquez will read from her novel, The Book of Unknown Americans. This extraordinary novel offers a resonant new definition of what it means to be American. In what Michiko Kaukatani describes as the novel’s “choral structure — made up of first-person reminiscences from an array of characters from Latin American countries including Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Paraguay, Nicaragua and Venezuela all of whom talk to us directly about their reasons for coming to the United States,” The Book of Unknown Americans gives voice to a population many people choose to avoid.

    Henríquez is the author of The Book of Unknown Americans, The World In Half, and Come Together, Fall Apart: A Novella and Stories, which was a New York Times Editors’ Choice selection.

    Henríquez, whose father emigrated to the United States from Panama in the 1970s, is a graduate of Northwestern University and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She lives in Chicago.                 

  • IWP Reading: Sanhouri, Chauly and Smigasiewicz

    October 19, 2014 - 4:00pm

    Prairie Lights

    IWP residents Sabah Sanhouri (Sudan) and Bernice Chauly (Malaysia) will be joined by NWP MFA candidate & Literary Translation MFA Beatrice Smigasiewicz at this free event.

    Sabah SANHOURI (fiction writer; Sudan) is a freelance journalist. Her story "The Isolation" won the El-Tayeb Saleh competition for Youth Short Story Writers and has been made into a short film; it was published by Words Without Borders, and appeared in French and Arabic translations. A story collection, [Mirrors], came out in Egypt and Sudan earlier this year.

    Bernice CHAULY (poet, nonfiction and fiction writer, playwright, filmmaker; Malaysia) is the author of the poetry collections going there and coming back (1997), The Book of Sins (2008), and Onkalo (2013), the short fiction book Lost in KL (2008) and the memoir Growing Up With Ghosts (2011). Her films have screened at international film festivals and, along with her writing, have won numerous awards. Chauly is a co-founder of Rhino Press and of Malaysia’s longest- running literary platform Readings, and the curator of the George Town Literary Festival; she teaches creative writing at Taylor’s University.

  • IWP Reading: Chai, Treur and Yu

    November 2, 2014 - 4:00pm

    Prairie Lights

    IWP residents Yeow Kai Chai (Singapore) and Franca Treur (Netherlands) will be joined by Iowa Writers' Workshop MFA candidate James Yu at this free event.

    YEOW Kai Chai (poet, fiction writer; Singapore) is the author of poetry collections Secret Manta (2001) and Pretend I’m Not Here (2006). His poems and stories have been widely published and anthologized. He is an editor at the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, and has been an editor and music critic for The Straits Times. His third poetry collection, One to the Dark Tower Comes, is forthcoming.

    Franca TREUR (fiction writer; Netherlands) won the 2010 Selexyz Debut Prize for her novel Dorsvloer vol confetti [Confetti on the Threshing Floor], which will be released as a feature- length film this fall. Her second novel, De woongroep [The Roommates], came out in early 2014. She contributes stories, columns and essays to NRC Handelsblad, Volkskrant, Groene Amsterdammer, radio 1 VPRO Nooit meer slapen and Vogue.