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Unique selections of books from our book buyer Paul Ingram. He compiles great lists of books on varying topics.

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    Mr. Timothy Louis Bayard

    What ever happened to poor Tiny Tim from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol?  Was he mainstreamed into a regular elementary school or did he need special ed. Did he get a good job as a barrister or a clerk for a wealthy firm?  Was the high point in his life to be as the cheerleader, waving his crutch in the air and shouting “God bless us, every one.” Novelist Louis Bayard was so curious about this question that he wrote a wonderful novel on the subject, Mr. Timothy. I don’t want to tell too much, because this book's surprises are many and delightful. Let’s just say that Timothy is still taking money from Scrooge and does not like it one bit. He has not become a traditional success in life, and is not a happy guy. 

    Paul's Book Club — December 12 at 7pm. 
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    AS FLIES TO WHATLESS BOYS by Robert Antoni

    Bob Antoni's Caribbean historical wonder, As Flies to Whatless Boys

    Trinidad is the sultry backdrop for an intricately imagined historical novel from Antoni (Carnival) about voyages of discovery undertaken generations apart. In 1881, William Tucker, soon to return to London, tells his son the story of why their family left England in 1845. William’s father had fallen in with the bombastic German inventor J.A. Etzler, who claimed his Satellite machine could “save the labouring-masses” and revolutionize agriculture—that is, if he could test it at a new-world colony. Only after sailing to Trinidad aboard the Rosalind did Etzler’s colonists discover the full extent of his “boldface bamboozlement.” Still, the transatlantic pilgrimage nurtured William’s first love, with mute, beautiful Marguerite. The mystery of what happened to Etzler’s colony and to Marguerite incites the present-tense storyline, consisting of e-mails Antoni receives from Trinidad archivist Miss Ramsol, whom he “subjuices” (her word) while researching his Tucker ancestry during a visit. Her bawdily funny, patois-heavy missives showcase Antoni’s superlative ear for the intricacies of language, Caribbean rhythms in particular. And William’s account of young love attests to Antoni’s fluency in the poetry of nostalgia. In words as vibrant as the personalities he creates, Antoni deftly captures unconquered territories and the risks we’re willing to take exploring them



    “Here is what I know:

    My name is Budo.
    I have been alive for five years.
    Five years is a very long  time for someone like me to be alive.
    Max gave me my name.
    Max is the only human person who can see me.
    Max’s parent call me an imaginary friend.
    I love Max’s teacher, Mrs Gosk.
    I do not like Max’s other teacher, Mrs. Patterson.
    I am not imaginary.”

    From Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Dicks.
    Tender, funny, imaginative novel by the author of Something Missing and Unexpectedly Milo. This is a tale of life on the spectrum and you’ll cry at the end.