Prairie Lights Merchandise

To order clothing, everyday bags, or hats please call the store at 319-337-2681 to order and see if your size and color is available. 

Canvas Bags are able to be ordered online. 

Click on merchandise title to view information, colors, and high resolution images. 

Note: Sizes available indicate that these are the sizes we order in, we may not have your size in stock currently until we do a reorder. 


Script Logo Tees: $20.00

Baseball Caps: $26.00

Mugs: $15.00

Canvas Tote Bags: $26.00

Everyday Bags: $15.00

Script Logo Crew Neck: $35.00

Independent Bookselling T-Shirt: $16.00

Aesthetic Department Hoodie: $50.00

Aesthetic Department T-Shirt: $15.00

Independent Booksellers Hoodie: $50.00