Staff Selections Kids


A Long Walk to Water
Linda Sue Park

With her characteristic deftness and sensitivity, Newbery medalist Linda Sue Park recreates the plight of migratory Sudanese children who face the trials of a harsh environment, scarce resources and limited opportunity, and lives marked with social and political turmoil. This novel weaves together the stories of Nya, a girl whose life is transformed by the creation of a freshwater well in her village, and the true-life saga of Salva, one of the “lost boys” of Sudan, and his years-journey from Sudan to Ethiopia and Kenya to Rochester, New York and back. This story will give readers an insight into a world unknown to many, and can inspire social activism.


Rachel Hartman

After years of horrific war, dragons and humans finally negotiated a treaty and have lived in peace, albeit an uneasy one, for decades.  As the anniversary of the treaty approaches, events occur that seem to point the blame at the dragons, and another war could begin.  Seraphina lives at the palace as assistant court musician, and soon finds herself allied with the Prince to help solve the puzzle behind the crimes.  Masterfully written, Seraphina is less a fantasy and more of a medieval story, filled with the intrigues of the court, that just happens to have dragons as part of the population.  Seraphina herself is a wonderful character, and readers will be swept up in her amazing journey of danger, sleuthing and self-discovery.


The Raven Boys
Maggie Stiefvater

Although 16-year-old Blue is from a family of clairvoyants, her gift seems limited to making the psychic talents of others stronger.  Yet while standing next to her mother watching the soon-to-be dead walk, Blue sees for the first time - a boy destined to die within the year who speaks to her.  When that same boy shows up with 3 friends from the nearby prep school for a reading with her mother, Blue becomes entangled in helping the four boys use ley lines, invisible lines of energy, to find the body of a legendary Welsh king.  It is said whoever awakens King Glendower will be granted a reward.  Add to the suspense two details. Blue has always been told her destiny is to cause her true love to die, and a sinister, ruthless person who knows the boys is also searching for the king’s body.  The Raven Boys, with its haunting, multi-dimensional characters and a thrilling, supernatural plot, is a page-turner, the first book in a new series for teens by the author of the acclaimed Scorpio Races.