Staff Selections Kids


Saving the Ghost of the Mountain
Sy Montgomery, illus. by Nic Bishop

Explore remote Mongolia with research biologist and conservator Tom McCarthy, and witness his efforts to study the rare, elusive snow leopard.  Readers get inside the practice of field science, learning how patience and tedium are interfused with moments of thrilling discovery.  This book also tells the stories of Genghis Khan, the discovery of dinosaur eggs, and the lifestyle of present-day Mongolians.  Learn how to speak some Mongolian, and find out how you can become involved in the effort to save the snow leopard.
A great introduction to the history and culture of this fascinating country, and an exciting work of a scientist, writer and photographer.


13 Treasures
Michelle Harrison

Tanya can see what most humans cannot:  fairies.  And not all of them are nice.  When Tanya has yet another run-in with some malevolent wee folk that trash her bedroom, her mother -- who doesn't believe a word about fairies -- ships Tanya off to her grandmother's estate in the country, and grandmother isn't thrilled to have Tanya there.  But at grandma's house it's even worse -- the house and the grounds are crawling with fairies!  Ms. Harrison's first novel is an engaging adventure about the fairy world, as Tanya digs into a fifty-year-old mystery about a missing girl -- a girl she thinks she's seen in the woods surrounding the house.  This page-turner is an exciting and suspenseful read.  (PS:  The sequel, 13 Curses, comes out 6/7/11!)


Eva Ibbotson


Hal is thrilled when he receives a long-desired dog for his birthday.  Glee turns to angry determination when he learns that Fleck is a rented dog, his parents figuring he’d tire of the creature after a weekend.  Hal and his friend Pippa kidnap Fleck and four other rental dogs and head from London to Scotland to his grandparents’ home, far away from his controlling mother who is surely Roald Dahl’s Veruca Salt grown up.  This heartfelt adventure is sure to please readers new to the late Eva Ibbotson's books and delight her legion of fans.