Staff Selections


The Star Side of Bird Hill
Naomi Jackson

The Star Side of Bird Hill is a richly told coming of age tale  -   Author Naomi Jackson tells a rich island story that has vibrant characters and deep undertones.



Ordinary Thunderstorms
William Boyd

 Though I don’t often read thrillers, I burned through this one.  Set in present-day underworld London, a wrongfully-charged murder and the low road of pharmaceutical licensing underpin a suspenseful plot.  The characters are well-imagined, and Boyd’s prose style is fabulous.  I am on the hunt for all work by this author.



Between Man and Beast
Monte Reel

Monte Reel’s new book, Between Man and Beast: An Unlikely Explorer, The Evolution Debates, and the African Adventure That Took the Victorian World by Storm, deals with the fact, known to few, that the first live gorilla was discovered, by a Frenchman named Paul Fu Chaillu, in 1859.  There had been skeletons and many, many stories from native people, but no European had actually seen one before Chaillu.  Reel is a wonderful writer, who captures the early days of the great evolutionary debate as it was heating up, and does a fine job of the egotistical explorers who wanted to find the huge ape first.


The Magician's Land
Lev Grossman

The third (and I hope not last) installment of the Magicians series finds Quentin at a new low - in exile from both FIllory and Brakebills. While he attempts to redeem himself and right past mistakes, Elliot and Janet contend with a Fillory that is coming apart at the seams.


The Invisible Ones
Stef Penney

With her second novel, Ms. Penney takes us again into the heart of a mystery where the characters have such deep secrets, secrets they've carried for years, and may not ever tell.  The Invisible Ones follows private detective Ray Lovell as he pursues a missing persons case -- a case that is seven years cold, a case concerning a Gypsy girl named Rose Janko.  Set in 1980s England, we are taken into the world of modern-day Gypsies, a world few of us even knew existed.  But how to find someone who has no paper trail, no ID, no address, no governmental records?  Ray may have an edge -- he's half Gypsy himself.  Ray is our narrator, a burden he shares with JJ, the 15-year-old nephew of Rose.  Ms. Penney's skill as a writer sets The Invisible Ones above the ordinary -- along with an ending that is a complete surprise -- and the searing emotional journey of JJ from innocent teen to a young man struggling to find a balance between what he believed and what he now knows.