An exhibition by Josh Doster
On view April 27 - May, 31st 2015

Please join us for a reception on Friday, May 15th
from 5:00-7:00 PM at the Prairie Lights Cafe!

Artist’s Statement

(Be sure to look at where the finger points and not the finger itself.)

It is only possible to express in words what words are capable of expressing. In my visual work, I pay attention to the visual language of my materials. I am a form maker. Forms take shape, and these forms embody my thoughts, ideas and emotions. It is through these forms that I facilitate an intimate and meaningful connection to my environment. This is how I come to know the world.

Through an emphasis on the physical language of the materials I use, I employ subtle visual interactions that allow viewers to immerse themselves. I allow paint to behave like paint and wood to be celebrated as wood. Ideas of balance, boundaries, and impermanence are some examples of reoccurring ideas that have become anchored or embedded within the play and interaction of materials.

I have a tendency of avoiding overly rationalized approaches. Instead, I move intuitively and open myself to discovery, ill-conceived combinations, incertitude, unintentional marks, unconventionality, and flux. While working, I choose to avoid thoughts that prohibit or hinder forward movement. The space of forming and the harmony between thought and action are given ultimate priority. All that does not reinforce this fluency is seen as suspect.

My forms are not puzzles to be solved. There is no specific, clear message that I am trying to communicate to the viewer. This is not to say my work is devoid of substance or content, as I feel my forms to be full and close as possible to a representation of everything I know. Rather, I am attempting to create meaning collectively with my audience. I seek a type of collaboration with the viewer, and aim to obscure the boundaries between form, environment, and viewer. I often do this by employing humor to cut through the heaviness of one’s thoughts, and by facilitating systems of randomness or ordering principles closely connected to the natural world. 

The process of creation is a gamble, and I am interested in the notion that we just don’t know how things will turn out.

About the Artist:

Josh Doster is a visual artist that has been living and working in the Iowa City area for the last decade. He received his MFA in painting from the University of Iowa in 2014.  By day, he works as a self sustaining farmer at the Donkey Barn and by night, bartends at the Foxhead Tavern.

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