The Colby Collection

works by Anthony O. Colby and Cheryl Jacobsen

On view December 9 - January 19

The photographs on display are of past and present instructors at the “relatively famous Iowa Writer's Workshop. I am a graduate of the fiction workshop, circa 1969, a brief epoch in the history of the writing program when the urgency of world conflict and social change invested writers with a sense of mission which stretched far beyond the challenge of writing. It wasn't good enough simply to honor the great body of extant literature with new and charming works. One had to invest oneself with the mantle of moral courage to fend off the forces of abuse and intolerance; it was a time when self-willed saintliness was as imperative as the act of writing itself. I am proud to say a goodly number of our writers approached this wickedly impossible goal. Some of them are represented on this wall. Each of the photographs is accompanied by a sample of the writer's work rendered into calligraphy by Cheryl Jacobsen. The gift of her art is immediately obvious. Several of the calligraphy pieces have been shown in international exhibitions. 

The photographs and bits of writing obviously have great personal meaning for me. It is an honor, magnificent in scope, to call these people my friends. 

-Tony Colby 

Early photographic portraits of Writer’s Workshop writers taken by WW alum Anthony O. Colby paired with calligraphic excerpts of the writers’ work by WW and PL poster artist Cheryl Jacobsen.

Please join us for a reception on Thursday, December 12 from 6-8pm in the cafe. 

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