Electric Beach

New Works by Matt Kellstadt

August 4 – September 7

Opening Reception

Friday, August 15 | 6:30 – 8:30 PM

The Times Club at Prairie Lights Café

About the Artist

Thad Kellstadt is a multi-disciplinary artist working in painting, sculpture, video, and sound. His recent work is inspired by abstraction and psychedelia and uses both formal restrictions and chance operations to create imaginary spaces that play with ideas of perception. He has shown nationally and internationally at a variety of venues including Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA; Secret Project Robot, New York City, NY; Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL; Alice Gallery, Brussels; Cell Project Space, London; SPACE, Pittsburgh, PA; and a shuttered McDonalds. Originally from Ohio, he lives and works in Iowa City, IA.


Electric Beach is the name of a tanning salon in Coralville. Like an artificial tan, the paintings in this show aspire to glow through artificial means, to become a new kind of organic. 


Please direct all inquiries to Mary F. Coats, exhibition curator.

Phone: 978.496.6916 | Email: MARY.COATS@GMAIL.COM