An Exhibition by S. Nicole Lane
On view from November 7 - December 3, 2016

Please join us for an exhibition reception on
Saturday, December 3rd from 5 - 7 PM at the cafe!

Exhibition Statement:

As someone whose personal health is quite obsessively linked to the skin — the flesh, the layers, the cells, and the mingling in between — Nicole's artistic practice is deeply rooted and dedicated to exploring her personal narrative, and where her body belongs in a space that continuously brawls with her. Through physical and emotional obstacles, her work is centered around the process of finding the answers, not really considering the question, and laughing at the root of it all. 

Nicole’s professional work as a writer relies heavily on women's health, specifically, sexual health, and her late diagnosis of vaginismus and the discovery of pre-cancerous cells in 2015 forced her to reevaluate her space as a young, breathing, sexual human being. As her work corresponds to her personal pleasure with flesh and skin, it traverses beyond aesthetics and into her necessary recovery, both psychological and physical. 

Many of Nicole’s artistic materials stem from the bedroom and the doctor’s office — both sterile and delicate, they conflate to create a cohesive and introspective body of work that addresses and alleviates trepidations. Tools used for dilation, protection, and resilience are all necessary to Nicole’s practice.

Utilizing assemblage and sculpture, Nicole’s work draws attention to the fragile and the grotesque. Her work aims to reduce the body to a lump, a knot, a never-ending coil which eradicates our past knowledge of the human form and introduces the stupid, silly, parcel that is holding it all in and letting it all drain out. 

About the Artist:

S. Nicole Lane resides in the Southside of Chicago where she is the Managing Editor for VAM, an arts based platform, and is a contributor to several platforms where she writes about women’s health and wellness. Her creative practice consists of assemblage, found objects, and small sculptural works. 

Her work has been exhibited at Guilford College, Roman Susan, Woman Made Gallery, Mist Gallery, and Heaven Gallery, as well as various online publications. In 2014, she participated in the Starry Night Residencies in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Nicole received a BA in Photography and English with two minors in Dance and Art History from Guilford College in 2013.

To see more of her work, visit: www.snicolelane.com


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