An Exhibition by Amanda Lechner
On view from May 30 - June 26, 2016

Please join us for an exhibition reception on
Friday, June 17th from 6 - 8 PM at the cafe!

Artist’s Statement:

My interest and research into planetary science often finds adaptation in my paintings and drawings. Over the last several months I have made scores of small drawings with ink and paint that began as supplements to my paintings but have become a distinct body of work. These drawings are improvisational and exploratory, often the subject presents itself through the process of drawing. Gestures, story-lines or patterns emerge expanding sometimes from an initial mark or shape, other times from text. Themes relating to space travel, philosophy,  land, planetary research and meta-physics came to the forefront in this drawing series.

I first learned about the idea of terrestrial analog field testing and research while speaking with a geologist at the University of Iowa. Her research into volcanos and earth strata evolved to have practical applications for climate study and Mars research. Through the study of sites on Earth, especially in remote and extreme environments, scientists are learning about the possible make-up of planets, moons, and stars outside our own celestial neighborhood. Inversely an Earth analog is another planet or moon with conditions comparable to aspects of our planet over time in terms of size, geology, atmosphere and relative temperature. The interest in Earth analogs has been a mainstay in science, philosophy and science fiction narratives. The search for familiarity among the stars could have implications for re-habitation and colonization or communication with life forms more-or-less like ourselves. Every day we are learning more about our planetary neighbors; Mars may have been closely similar to Earth at a different point in deep time. The most likely Earth analog outside our solar system is “Kepler-438b” a planet 12 light-years away that orbits a red dwarf star and may harbor temperature and geologic conditions similar to Earth.

I have selected and arranged 45 drawings that have narrative and visual linkages to the idea of the Planetary Analog.

About the Artist:

Amanda Lechner is a visual artist based in New Mexico and Iowa.

Amanda Lechner's studio practice primarily revolves around drawing and painting. Her current egg tempera paintings, images that are at once captivating and anomalous embody a quest for narrative alternatives. Lechner’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States.

Lechner studied painting at the Kansas City Art Institute where she was awarded a BFA with Honors in 2003 and at the Rhode Island School of Design where she received her MFA in 2005. Upon completing her education, she moved to Brooklyn, NY and has divided her time between Santa fe and Iowa City since 2014. She has been a lecturer at SUNY Purchase College - School of Art + Design and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at the the University of Iowa.

As a current NASA - JPL Solar System Ambassador Volunteer Lechner is creating programming that bridges Art and Science to raise awareness about our Solar System.

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