Side Mouth

works by Susan Metrican

On view July 8 - August 4

As a Thai American raised mostly in the midwest, I’m drawn to images and objects that resonate across disparate cultures and time periods. I’m interested in imagery that is “culturally familiar” through its connection to folktales and shared traditions, particularly imagery that evokes a reverence for rural life. Though my work is created outside these traditions, it attempts to engage with them through the depiction of nameable things and scenarios that have the appearance of being “well-worn” or “inherited.” 

My process involves incorporating painted and sewn canvas to create imagery through three-dimensional forms. I am interested in canvas’ ability to act as a container for the painted image and as a flat material with sculptural potential. Theater references are apparent in the work through a visual correlation to backdrops and costumes, but also as the paint, canvas, and the stretcher are required to perform simultaneously as flat and three-dimensional. 

Susan Metrican currently lives and works between Fairfield, IA and Boston, MA. Metrican received an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, and attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2014. Metrican’s work has been included in exhibitions nationally including: Able Baker Contemporary (ME), GRIN Contemporary (RI), Proof Gallery (MA), Boston Center for the Arts (MA), Field Projects (NY), Knockdown Center (NY), and Gallery Protocol (FL). Metrican is one of four founding members of kijidome, an experimental project space and collaborative in Boston.

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Please join us for a closing reception with the artist on Sunday, July 21 in the cafe from 3pm - 5pm.