An Exhibition by Jason Reno

On view from February 1 - March 27, 2016

Please join us for an exhibition reception with the artist
on Friday, February 5th  from 6-8 PM at the cafe!

Artist's Exhibition Statement

The drawings, paintings and sculptures that comprise Something Came Up are reflections upon and responses to everyday experience. Interactions with nature and weathering processes become metaphors for human experience.

Materials are shaped by hand, machine, weather, and other creatures. The dowsing or divining rod is used as a symbol for search, discovery, and movement through landscape. Leaverites or glacial erratics (massive boulders transported and deposited by glaciers) reference movement and shaping of landscape. They are unexpected, strange, and have a deep sense of time. Elements of chance and limited control provide discoveries. Frost, as well as maggots, present in decaying walnut husks form lines in walnut dye drawings. Softer wood grain is removed by the exacerbated weathering process of sandblasting to find another form within a common piece of wood. Windshield wiper tracks and avalanche control barriers become symbols of resilience and limited control. 

The work is an avenue for listening, processing, engaging with materials and inhabiting environments.

About the Artist

Jason Reno lives and works in Iowa City. Since receiving his MA and MFA in Sculpture from the University of Iowa in 2015 he has worked primarily as an artist assistant to David Dunlap.

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