Those I Live With: Making & Collecting

A selection from the personal collection of Times Club curator Sarika Sugla.

Sunday, November 9 - Sunday, November 30

I have always identified as a dedicated maker and art lover, but recently curating has become the center of my artistic practice. This change stemmed from an appreciation for not only the art works themselves, but of the artists behind them. Art has a way of starting conversations, offering new perspectives, and changing emotions, and curating facilitates new insights by placing the work in varied dialogues.

My beginning into curating came with the making of things. As makers, we are constantly asked to curate our own ideas, work, and exhibitions, and I believe this process requires constant and consistent openness to conversation and action. Most creative people tend to need an equally engaging community, as they are both actively seeking inspiration and creating discourse with their environment and surroundings. As a University town, the vibrant energy of Iowa City draws an incredible number of creatives in, and they usually don’t leave without leaving their ideas, vision, and presence behind. 

When I was given the wonderful opportunity to curate The Times Club, I was immediately drawn to the chance to share the work of others, especially those I have met while in Iowa. Through artist trades, print exchanges, gifts and purchases, this exhibitions shows a selection of works on paper and photographs from my growing collection.

In honor of the many talented people I have met, this exhibition hopes to share just a few works of my peers, mentors, and fellow makers that keep me company every day in my home, and that encourage me to keep seeing and making.  These artists have helped me realize that at the root, my own personal desire in making, collecting, and curating is to simply create, discover, and share relationships.

I look forward to sharing the art of many others while I am here, and hope you will join in and support their work, conversations, and celebrations!

Included Artists

Margaret Braun //

Joshua Dailey //

Damla Erten //

Jenny Harp //

Anita Jung //

Jaime C. Knight //

Rachel Livedalen //

Amanda Maciuba //

Kim Michalak //

Zora J. Murff //

Amber O’Harrow //

Perla Raga //

Sarah Phyllis Smith //

James Snitzer //

For more information, please contact curator Sarika Sugla at TIMESCLUBGALLERY@PRAIRIELIGHTS.COM.