When I Was Your Age

Storytelling as collaborative knowledge making. Storytelling is a fundamental source of knowledge and agency. To tell a story is to remember, contemplate, question, interpret, and ultimately voice a particular history. When I was Your Age is a collaborative project that uses storytelling to explore the relationship between artists and their elders. Participating artists asked their mother, grandmother, or like-figure to share a story from their past. Each pair constructed a piece of text reflecting the life of the elder when she was the age of the artist. Each artist created a visual response to complete the piece. The following pages present a dialogue between generations, where the residue of the past is deeply felt in the present and maintained by one’s willing imagination.

Mary Coats and Shari Coats
Zoe Hawk and Phyllis Hawk
Elizabeth Davenport and Paul Davenport Jr.
Cheryl Robinson and Maryjane Robinson
Andrea Dejong and Margaret Dejong
Jared Wittenmyer and Ruth Wittenmyer
Sarah Smith and Kathi Smith
Danielle Kimzey and Jean Alys Lindow Huey
Mary Laube and Edmund Laube