Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

We proudly serve Stumptown single origin coffees and Stumptown's Hairbender espresso.


1.75  brewed/iced coffee (small)

2.25  brewed/iced coffee (large)

2.50  espresso        

2.50  americano     

2.60  macchiato     

2.70  cortado

2.80  cappuccino   

3.75  latte 

4.00  chai latte             

4.00  mocha 


Specialty Drinks

The Crystal Skull- Cortado with Crystal hot sauce and honey- sweet and spicey! $3.25

The Black Rider- Dry cappuccino  with organic caramel, topped with black sea salt flakes. $3.75 (our most popular drink!)

Candied Ginger Capp- Dry soy cappuccino with organic ginger and house-made simple syrup. $3.80

The Thunderbird- Four shots of Hairbender over ice. $3.50 (16 oz. cup or smaller only.)

The Hellbender- Four shots of Hairbender over ice, topped with iced coffee- served in a 16 oz. cup. Perfect for all-nighters. And Vampires. $5.25

The Rose of Tralee- Hot chocolate accented with rose water essence. $3.65 or $4.15   available in 12oz. or 16 oz.

Mexican Hot Chocolate- Our house cocoa mix with a kick of cayenne and cinnamon. $3.00 or $3.50   available in 12oz. or 16 oz.



For more information on our coffee roaster visit         


.65   Additions


      soy milk

      almond milk

      whipped cream

      extra espresso shot


      Organic flavors: 

      hazelnut, vanilla, 

      caramel, peppermint



3.00  hot cocoa (small)

3.50  hot cocoa (large)


2.75  steamer (small)

3.25  steamer (large) 



2.25  Rishi organic hot/iced tea


      shu pu-erh


      lavender earl grey

      jade cloud


      yerba mate

      white ginseng detox

      jasmine green tea

      mystic mint


      cinnamon plum

      hibiscus berry

      tangerine ginger

      bergamot sage


      peppermint rooibos

      blueberry rooibos

      white peach blossom

      white tea rose melange



For more information on our teas, visit


1.50  La Croix sparkling water






2.00  Sprecher soda-  caffeine-free, gluten-free and free of high fructose corn syrup.

          orange dream

          cream soda

          root beer

          cherry cola -made with cherry juice from Door County, Wisconsin.


12 oz. bulk Stumptown beans

We sell a variety of whole bean Stumptown coffees in the cafe. For additional coffee offerings, please visit

Receive one free small coffee with a whole bean purchase. (available at time of sale, only)


PRAIRIE LIGHTS CAFE    319-248-0055