Barry Phipps: Virtual Book Release

July 7, 2020 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights Virtual - Zoom

Please join us for a virtual talk and Q&A with Barry Phipps about his new book of photography, Driving a Table Down.

For the link to access the event, register here.

On September 23, 2018, photographer Barry Phipps drove seven hours south from his home in Iowa to his parents’ house in southern Missouri. There they wrestled a family heirloom into his car—a wooden table for his Aunt Diane—and Barry and his mother drove more than twelve hundred miles to Di­ane’s home on Florida’s Gulf Coast, stayed a few days, then drove back to Missouri. 

Phipps presents the 104 color photographs in Driving a Table Down—selected from more than 2,000 photo­graphs taken over the twelve-day trip—in sequential order to show, in his words, “what does and does not change as one travels through shifting cultural and geographic regions.” By capturing the present mo­ment while referencing the past with faded signs, al­most obliterated murals, closed businesses in quiet towns, forgotten tourist attractions, and many other layers of historical accumulations, the photographs illustrate the stark fact that the present is never en­tirely present tense. Phipps’s attention to the real-time details of rural regions of the Midwest and the South, juxtaposed with personal photographs of his family, gives us a momentary definition of America in a state of flux, an America that looks to the past in a time of an uncertain future. 

Barry Phipps is an Iowa City based multimedia artist. In the 90's he was a member of the Chicago indie Rock group The Coctails, appearing on MTV, performing at Lollapalooza and touring across the US and Japan. He was a resident DJ and founder of mobile DJ business Beep Media, Inc. In 2015 he founded The Barry Phipps Apparel Company, a line of denim bags and industrial work aprons. For the past ten years he has worked as a photographer in Chicago and Iowa City. His first published book of photographs is Between Gravity and What Cheer: Iowa Photographs.

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