January 20, 2016 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Dutch author/artist Bette Adriaanse will talk about about her enchanting debut novel, Rus Like Everyone Else. “Bette Adriaanse has concocted a blend of Rear Window and Under Milkwood, a world in which various inhabitants of a neighborhood are not only observed but intimately known by a girl whose task is to deliver post.” — George Szirtes

Jane Draycott says, “Drawing on the best European traditions of the fabulous and the absurd, (Adriaanse) has invented a shimmering narrative world which is entirely her own – hallucinatory, dream-like and utterly real.”

Bette Adriaanse is an Amsterdam born writer and a visual artist. She has published fiction in magazines for literature and philosophy, and she exhibits her visual work internationally. She lives in London. 

This special in-conversation event will be hosted by local author Cate DiCharry, author of The Fine Art of Fucking Up. Both authors are published by Unnamed Press, a publisher of literature, lost classics, and comics from around the world.