September 30, 2015 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Writers’ Workshop graduate Christian Schlegel will read from his new book of poetry from The Song Cave Press, Honest James. "One of the strangest books of poetry to come along in some time, Christian Schlegel's Honest James seems to draw inspiration from the back corridors and anterooms of poetry."—John Ashbery. Born and raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Schlegel studied German at Princeton and received an MFA from the Writers' Workshop in 2013. He lives in Somerville, MA, and is currently an English PhD student at Harvard.

Writers’ Workshop graduate Rebecca Wolff will read from One Morning, her new collection from Wave Books. “[Wolff’s poems] are stylistic and tonal shapeshifters. Hip, contemplative, and dark and resistant to the hunky-dory, the New Agey, and the prescriptive, they’re unnerving, funny, and occasionally subversive. —Jenna Krajeski, Bookforum. Wolff is the author of four collections of poetry and one novel. In 1998, Wolff founded the influential literary journal FENCE; in 2001 she founded Fence Books and launched The Constant Critic website. She lives in Hudson, New York, and is currently a fellow at the New York State Writers Institute at the University at Albany.

Artist and poet Emily Hunt will read from her new book from Song Cave Press, Dark Green. “Emily Hunt is an accomplished lyricist, quiet ethnographer, and kooky observer of inner turbulences . . . Dark Green is a wonder and a gift.” – Peter Gizzi. A book of Hunt’s drawings and captions, This Always Happens, was published by Brave Men Press, and her poems have appeared in The Iowa Review, the PEN Poetry Series, TYPO, The Volta, and Diagram. She lives in San Francisco.