October 23, 2017 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

In a special event co-sponsored by The International Writing Program, Iowa City author and Professor Emeritus of Neurology Ramon Lim will talk about his new book, Self and the Phenomenon of Life: A Biologist Examines Life from Molecules to Humanity.

Self and the Phenomenon of Life describes a common ground between the biology of life and the humanity of life without compromising either discipline. It attempts to bridge the gap between the sciences and the humanities, and connects our meager existence to the entire living world and the universe, physically and spiritually.  Lim achieves this through the simple perspective of "self," being defined as a system that seeks its own perpetuation.

In addition to his career in the sciences, Lim is an award-winning artist and writer. His non-scientific creations are collected in the bilingual book An Anthology of Literary and Artistic Works of Ramon Lim. While at the University of Iowa, Lim served as an adviser to the world-renowned International Writing Program.