February 13, 2018 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys

Please join us on February 13, for an important discussion that will transform the next twenty-five years of educating black boys. We are all too familiar with the educational disparities along with the narratives that fuel them. We are moving beyond the negative and positively changing systems that support the educational outcomes of black boys.

65% of teachers are white women. Alone they can have a tremendous impact on outcomes. But together, we can shift they way black boys are seen and heard inside and outside of the classroom. The ultimate guidebook for educators and parents, public and private schools, and any organization that cares for and loves the inherent potential of black boys is here! On Tuesday, February 13, the co-authors, Eddie Moore Jr., Marguerite Penick-Parks and Diane Finnerty will lead an interactive discussion and sign books afterwards. 

Both Dr. Moore and Dr. Penick-Parks received their Ph.Ds. in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies at the UIowa. Diane Finnerty is the Assistant Provost for Faculty at UIowa.

"There is no other instructional guide quite like The Guide for White Women who Teach Black Boys. While this book offers practical information and advice directly to the largest demographic of educators teaching one of the most marginalized populations of students, it transcends strategy and becomes a book of Black Critical Cultural Studies... Above all is a direct exploration into the ′dos,′ ′don’ts,′ ′why′s′ and ′how’s′ of culturally responsive teaching from expert teachers." —Dale Allender

“There is no judgement in this book. There is simply a clear scientific and social case—along with concrete instruction—for how education allies at the classroom, school, and system levels can effectively serve our children of color. ” —Brittany Packnett Vice President, National Community Alliances Teach For America & Paul Keys Senior Vice President, Regional Operations Teach For America

Co-sponsored by Iowans for Public Education, Black Voices Project, Sankofa Outreach Connection, UI Center for Human Rights, and The Prairie Progressive.