February 1, 2020 - 4:00pm
Prairie Lights

Giuseppe Caputo will read from his novel, An Orphan World, translated from the Spanish by Juana Adcock & Sophie Hughes. An Orphan World earned Caputo a place as part of the 2017 Hay Festival’s Bogotá 39 list of best Latin American writers under 40.  “There is an unquenchable fury burning at the heart of An Orphan World.  Caputo writes with his pen on fire; furious at the threatening beast of a world that young gay men are thrust into, with the bright and overexposed lights of community on one side and the unknowable, quiet, lonely darkness of isolation on the other.”- Will Heath

Caputo is a graduate of the Spanish Creative Writing MFA program at the University of Iowa, where he also he specialized in queer and gender studies, and also has an MFA in creative writing from New York University.  Caputo is also the author of several books of poems including Garden of Meat, The Cage Man and Jesus’ Nativities. After serving as Cultural Director of the Bogotá International Book Festival for many years, Caputo is a contributor to Arcadia magazine and El Tiempo newspaper and now teaches creative writing at the Instituto Caro Cuervo in Bogotá.

Garth Greenwell is the author of What Belongs to You, and Cleanness, and is teaching this semester at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.