October 17, 2019 - 5:00pm
Prairie Lights

Debut fantasy author H.P. Waitt will read from the first book of her YA Series, Band of Shadows: The Scarlet Onyx Saga. Featuring a seventeen year old protagonist who finds herself alone in the unknown world of Avalon, Band of Shadows takes place in a land inhabited by healing plants, game-playing birds, and trees with secrets! Morgana, the island’s enigmatic leader reveals that  Scarlet is a Faye, a powerful race of people whose population was nearly decimated during the Shadow Wars. There is a new war brewing, and when it arrives, Scarlet will find everything she has ever known thrown into question.

Hailey “H.P.” Waitt currently serves as a board member of the Waitt Foundation, which supports government efforts to restore our neighboring oceans. Her passions lie in supporting families in the foster care system and raising awareness about mental illness, as both issues are addressed in her YA series, Band of Shadows: The Scarlet Onyx Saga. A South Dakota Native, Waitt now resides in San Diego after getting her degree in history and psychology at the University of Southern California.