July 29, 2016 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

James Magruder will read from his third book, Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall.  "In Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall, James Magruder combines the sexual trysting and guilty pleasures of a telenovela with the witty dialogue of a drawing-room farce (though even better: this drawing room is a graduate residence dorm in the 1980s). Lurking, of course, is the specter of AIDS, a presence that Magruder invokes with the fear and consternation befitting the time . . . Magruder's language is so precise, so beautifully crafted and bitingly funny, that I laughed throughout and then nearly cried when Love Slaves of Helen Hadley ended." — Lori Ostlund

James Magruder is a Baltimore-based fiction writer, playwright, and translator. He is the author of Sugarless, and Let Me See It. He teaches dramaturgy at Swarthmore College.