April 8, 2016 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Nature writer Julian Hoffman will read from The Small Heart of Things: Being at Home in a Beckoning World, chosen by Terry Tempest Williams as the winner of the 2012 AWP Award Series for Nonfiction. "This writer is a seeker and seer among those who work the land within the cycles of time. At a time when we wonder where hope resides, this is a book of faith in the natural histories of community . . . it explores a complexity of ideas that reminds us we are not strangers in the world if we remain open to awe and respectful of the tenacious spirit required to live in place. The Small Heart of Things is a book of patience." —Terry Tempest Williams

Julian Hoffman earns his living monitoring vulnerable, upland bird species where wind farms have been built or proposed. His writing has recently appeared in Kyoto Journal, Southern Humanities Review, EarthLines, Flyway, Cold Mountain Review, Three Coyotes, and Redwood Coast Review. He lives beside the Prespa Lakes in northwestern Greece, the first transboundary park in the Balkans, which is home to a rich range of people and languages, mammals and birds, wildflowers and habitats. This event is co-sponsored by the Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program.