July 25, 2016 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Kodi Scheer will read from her crossover Y/A novel, Midair. “In this gripping novel of both suspense and regret, revenge and sorrow, the dark hearts of teenage girls search for weakness but find more than they bargained for. Midair is the story of best laid plans and all the ways in which we misunderstand each other, sometimes to catastrophic effect.” —Rebecca Scherm

Kodi Scheer teaches writing at the University of Michigan, where she earned her MFA. She was awarded the Dzanc Prize for Excellence in Literary Fiction and Community Service. Her stories have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, The Iowa Review, The Florida Review, Quarterly West, and Bellevue Literary Review. She has also served as writer-in-residence for the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.