November 19, 2019 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Martha Birkett Bordwell will read from her memoir, Missing Mothers.  “By framing her memoir around missing mothers, author Martha Bordwell raises the ethical dilemmas and emotional consequences trans-national adoption has on families. Missing Mothers addresses a challenging and necessary subject in accessible and intimate prose, inviting readers on a complex parenting journey. Through compelling considerations of race, grief, and privilege, we uncover a deep empathy for people in families acting to transform loss and the unknown into acceptance, understanding and love.” -Patricia Cumbie

Martha Bordwell shares her experience of losing her own mother when she was six years old and being raised by her stepmother,  and explores her own ways as an adult of mothering an infant son from South Korea and a daughter from Guatemala. Martha Bordwell, PhD, is a retired psychologist whose academic writing has appeared in professional journals such as Teaching Exceptional Children and Ours Magazine. A former Iowan, she currently lives in Minneapolis.