November 19, 2015 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Local author Patrick Irelan will read from his first mystery novel,
The Big Drugstore, published by Ice Cube Press. Written with a touch of Raymond Chandler, this rollicking, wisecracking, crime novel’s action goes from bridge to bridge, city to city, and even takes a jaunt down to Iowa’s only island town, Sabula. Irelan is the author of two books of comic short stories—Reruns and The Miracle Boy, and two books of family memoir; Central Standard and A Firefly in the Night.

“The rhythm and phrasing of Patrick Irelan’s noir narrative is so natural you can almost hear someone blowing tenor under the bridge down by the river. The Big Drugstore reads like it was typed on a Royal portable at 2 am in a sleeping room above a bar. I’m sure the manuscript stank of spilled bourbon and cigarettes.” —J. Harley McIlrath