June 12, 2013 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Rob Cline will read from his mystery novel, Murder by the Slice. The story features Paul Chambers who parlayed his philosophy degree into a steady gig—as a delivery driver for Passable Pizza. Following his personal rules for peaceful pizza delivery, Paul is content to read comics, care for his rabbit Spinoza, and hang out with his pizza courier comrades.Then he tries to deliver to a dead guy. Suddenly, everybody is after Paul—the press, the cops, and the bad guys.

Rob Cline is an arts professional, writer, and former pizza delivery driver. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with his wife and three children, none of whom tip him when he brings pizza home.

Rob Cline will be joined by mystery writers Lennox Randon, reading from Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers, and Dennis Green who will read from his not yet published work, Traveller.