July 17, 2018 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Roy Scranton, author of We’re Doomed. Now What: Essays on War and Climate Change, will be joined by poets Zach Savich & Hilary Plum to discuss militarism, climate change, the correlation of police violence and war, as well as living, dying and raising children in the Anthropocene.

“Despite signs to the contrary, Scranton argues that hope is possible. Hope arises, he maintains, from coming to terms with our fate and learning to live through the end with peaceful resolve and a new interpretation of what it means to be in the world. If we can’t do anything about climate change, we can at least adjust how we see ourselves in relation to other people and all living things, even as—especially as—great struggle and pain become more commonplace. With scrupulous prose, Scranton sheds light on the best and worst parts of humanity.”—Amy Brady, Guernica

Zach Savich and Hilary Plum are co-editors of the Rescue Press Open Prose Series. The event will begin with a short reading from each of their latest books of poetry; Daybed, and Strawberry Fields.