November 11, 2016 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

In a special event sponsored by the Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program, Thalia Field will read from her new “tragic, comical, and utterly fascinating” essayistic fiction, Experimental Animals.  "Stemming from a through-line of marital discord in the household of the great French vivisector, Claude Bernard, Thalia Field has discovered a number of voices, some famous, some forgotten, and allowed them all a moment in which to be heard again. This compelling tale is made up largely of excerpts and quotations, pieced together with great artistry. A beautiful and thought-provoking collage of a tale of rescued history and a sobering tribute to some of its victims." —Karen Joy Fowler                            

Thalia Field is the author of Point and Line, Incarnate: Story Material, and Bird Lovers, Backyard, all from New Directions. Her performance novel, Ululu, was published with Coffee House Press, and she has two collaborations with French author Abigail Lang: A Prank of Georges and the forthcoming Leave to Remain.