Nick Reding

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June 5, 2010 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Nick Reding will read from his book, Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town, now in paperback. Set in Oelwein, Iowa, this dramatic story of the methamphetamine epidemic as it sweeps through the American heartland is a timely, moving, very human account of one community's attempt to battle its way to a brighter future. Featured on the cover of the NYTimes Book Review and listed amond the year's 100 Notable Books, Methland won the 2009 Chicago Tribune Heartland Prize. The book was picked as a best book of the year by the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, the Chicago Tribune, and the Seattle Times.


In January 2010, the BBC purchased the global movie rights. Nick Reding has an MFA in Creative Writing from NYU. He lived in New York City for thirteen years, where he worked as a magazine editor, a graduate school professor, and a freelance writer. His first book, The Last Cowboys at the End of the World, was published by Crown in 2002. He has written for Harper's, Food&Wine, and Outside magazines. He lives with his wife and son in St. Louis

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