Paul's Corner: The New and Improved Romie Futch

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Julia Elliot

Julia Elliott, the full treatment Elliot from which you can remove an l and a t and still have your Elliott, is a South Carolinian fiction writer whose low-rent characters will stretch the imaginations of most northerners.  The New and Improved Romie Futch is her hilarious first novel and Romie Futch(male) is a bit of a loser; a taxidermist, a failure at love and money, and finally, the subject of experiments which rather suddenly change his brain capacity several-fold, without changing his interests much.  Elliott’s humor embraces the American south, while getting in at least two or three very good snide ones in on every page. She’s a southerner and knows southern culture for what it is.  She is a writer who knows what writing can do and has more fun at it than most of her kind.  Charles Portis does it better, but almost no one else.  Want to know who Hogzilla is?  Start reading.