Paul's Corner: Relax and Heal with Meditation Coloring Books

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We have currently in stock an array of this year’s literary fad, the adult coloring book. Marketed as  relaxation aids,  these intricately designed oversized books allow the adult to focus attention on coloring in variously themed, patterns.  They have words like “mindful’, “zen”, “relaxing” in their titles and when one is finished coloring them in, he/she has a lovely design to frame or attach to one’s refrigerator, depending on how proud the relaxed artist is of their work. 
This said, these books are quite a bit of fun to play with if you have the time.  Some come with colored pencils shrink-wrapped with the book.  The grown-up tone of these books need not be taken too seriously. No one, I think, colors as well as a nine-year-old girl or at least as well as my grand daughter, Lillian, who’s been able to  handle most of the stuff I’ve passed her way.  

I am more patient than Lillian and willing to settle for less than perfect renderings, so they are, in fact, a little more fun for me than for her.  Mandalla shapes are my favorites.  I also like art deco designs.  We have them in our non-book section downstairs and the prices range from 9.95 to 19.95.  I recommend you try one if you think it might be your thing.  
I do remember when I was a kid and had had a bad day, I’d sit in the corner and color, and I did, I did feel more relaxed.