Paul's Corner: Pitch by Pitch

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Bob Gibson & Lonnie Wheeler

Here's a little bit more about Pitch by Pitch, one of Paul's Holiday Gift Book Picks this year: 

I love to read books about sports, providing I know the rules to the sport at hand.  I’ve been up late this week reading an extraordinary book by Bob Gibson, one of the greatest modern pitchers.  He was known for his speed (early career), craftiness(later career), frankness(in matters of race) and his heroism in post-season games.
    Pitch by Pitch describes a single world series game in which his St. Louis Cardinals played the Detroit Tigers in 1998 for the championship of the world.  He tells the reader how the first game progressed from the viewpoint of the pitcher, and talks about every pitch he threw.  This might sound like a bit much but a baseball mind like Gibson’s  makes everything it touches glow with excitement.  He also braids wonderful stories from his career through the innings of this game.  
    He adores the sport he was privileged to play for so many years and his talk of fellow players is consistently generous and amusing throughout this book.  The writing itself, with which he received help from Lonnie Wheeler, is excellent.  It would be hard to find a better, more deeply informative baseball book than this Hall-of-Famer’s slice of memoir.  
Pitch by Pitch 26.99