February 19, 2016 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduate Matt Griffin will read from his new novel, Hide. Hide explores the issues of long-term commitment, aging, and gay love in America from the perspectives of two very different men who fell in love following WWII, when an open relationship would have cost them everything. For over half a century, this couple, one a taxidermist, and the other a veteran and factory worker, carved out a content and secluded life in a small North Carolina mill town. When age diminished one’s ability to care for the other after a stroke, the full scope and magnitude of the sacrifices they made for one another become apparent.

Matt Griffin and his partner married on the day same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide. Their touching story made front-page headlines in the NYT. He is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

“Reading Hide, I kept saying to myself, ‘At last!’: a novel that follows the trajectory of a marriage (in fact if not in name) between two men over the course of decades, and does so with grit, humor, and compassion. Hide is a welcome and important work." —David Leavitt