An Exhibition by John Engelbrecht
On view from March 28 - May 29, 2016

Please join us for an exhibition reception with the artist
on Friday, May 20th from 5-6:30 PM at the cafe!

Artist’s Statement:

In 2003, I began collecting my life in the object of candid photographs, in a series called Memory into Mythology. Through adherence to simple constraints (film, camera, and specific composition rules) and a daily dedication to the process, my photo practice began to shape into a language of its own. Words and drawings entered and added their symbology to the pictures. The family photo album took on an expanded form less about the memory of things, people, and events than a personal mythology rearranged and fictionalized outside the flow of time.

Dream of the Silver Disc is the current chapter of the larger project, a remixed return. The title comes from a piece of automatic writing encapsulated early in the series, a poetic notion that I could not explain then and would dare not attempt to describe here, other than to say: I think of the silver disc as both a spinning, shimmering hard drive, a platter of filed fictions in the form of jpegs in dialogue with that romantic, if fictional, orb of light that hovers somewhere between the lens, eyes, and heart.

About the Artist:

John Engelbrecht is Director of the alternative arts venue Public Space One and an adjunct photography instructor at several institutions in the Iowa City area. He received his MFA from Iowa in 2009 and has shown his work nationally and internationally as well as been a strong advocate for homegrown art in eastern Iowa.

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