Paul's Book Club: 1984

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George Orwell

July Book Club

“It was a cold day in early April, and a million radios were striking thirteen. Winston Smith pushed open the glass door of Victory Mansions, turned to the right down the passage-way and pressed the button of the lift. Nothing happened. He had just pressed a second time when a door at the end of the passage opened, letting out a smell of boiled greens and old rag mats, and the aged prole who acted as porter and caretaker thrust out a grey, seamed face and stood for a moment sucking his teeth and watching Winston malignantly.”—1984 by George Orwell

George Orwell’s last and perhaps greatest novel, was completed just before his death from tuberculosis in 1949.  I remember my father describing it as “a cautionary tale” i.e. a story describing to our species just how bad things might become if we do not watch out.  In this scary time of Donald Trump, 1984 (the book) should be highly relevant to us.  Most of us read this book in high school.  Re-reading it in adulthood is a revelation.  

July 20th, 7 PM At Prairie Lights