October 25, 2016 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Manuel Vilas will read from his poetry collection, Great Vilas, recently published by Song Bridge Press. Translated from the Spanish by Pablo Rodríguez Balbontín and William F. Blair, it is his first book translated into the English language.

Manuel Vilas was born in Barbastro, in the Huesca region of Spain. Vilas has published 13 books of poetry to date. In addition to Gran Vilas, or Great Vilas in translation, these include Resurrection, Calor, and more recently El hundimiento. He is the author of numerous novels including España, and El luminoso regalo, and has also been widely published in newspapers and literary journals. Vilas has published primarily in Spanish, although El luminoso regalo was translated into French and Italian.

Julio Ortega, in the Prologue to Great Vilas, writes, that Great Vilas in translation, "seems to be a radical rewriting of the contemporary history of the Ibero-American world. Soccer, reality shows, movies, and literary biographies are interspersed with the reading and writing of journalism and historiography, provoking a new logic of entanglements and outcomes as comical as they are satirical, as intimate as they are ultimately free."