October 29, 2016 - 3:00pm
Prairie Lights

Iowa native Dan Kellams will read from Mistaken for a King: Sketches of a Small-Town Boyhood. This collection of essays distills the essence of childhood when kids roamed free as sparrows. In Marion, Iowa, during the 1940s, untouched by television, they created their own amusement wherever they found it, in backyards, side streets, alleys, and pastures. In Mistaken for a King, Kellam patrols his old haunts; the movie theater, the town park, and the root beer drive-in, and the muddy Wapsipinicon River. It tells the tribulations of being a newspaper delivery boy, and the joys of learning sports in backyards and vacant lots. He also writes about things like gun ownership at a time during World War II when every boy expected to grow up and fight for his country.

Kellams is the author of A Coach's Life: Les Hipple and the Marion Indians. He is a graduate of Cornell College in Mount Vernon and holds an MS in journalism from Columbia University in New York City. He was an information specialist at West Point, an editor for Radio Free Europe in Munich, and a public relations executive in New York. Kellams and his wife, Elaine, currently live in Arizona.

"Rich and beautiful. Don't miss this book." --Paul Ingram