P O S T - P L E N T Y

Works by Thomas Agran, Sarah Bozaan, and Heidi Zenisek
On view from December 5, 2016 - January 8, 2017

Please join us for an exhibition reception on
Saturday, December 10th from 5 - 7 PM at the cafe!

Exhibition Statement:

For ages, humans have worked the land, tilling its surface, sowing its seeds, and bringing about the bounty of its sustenance. With technological and industrial advances of the modern era, agricultural practices have undergone major shifts, many of which have had undesirable outcomes, despite their vast efficiencies. The works in this exhibition point to various aspects of this consequence.

Thomas Agran’s landscape paintings depict the darkness and erosion of the Midwestern landscape, its total transformation through agriculture, and the political, social, and environmental consequences of that change.

Sarah Bozaan’s embroidered landscapes, in making and manner, refer to the digitalization and fragmentation of the same landscape. Stitching up and down the rows of corn, she replicates the order, beauty, and quiet menace of mechanized agriculture. The gentle slopes hold a natural and humble beauty, yet in effect are byproducts of this mechanization.

On the farm, the exaggeration of time and rapid cycles of life and death are witnessed firsthand. Vast expanses of crop are raised and harvested, and hundreds of calves are born each spring, only to be sold shortly thereafter for slaughter. Large quantities of material are vigorously used for months, then discarded or replaced. Denying its impotence, Heidi Zenisek’s work examines the afterlife and potential of this residual material. Through play with the material’s physical qualities, it’s aesthetic and conceptual value begins to be redefined.

All working in the shadow of the industrial farm, Agran, Bozaan, and Zenisek each examine the after-effects of its plentitude.


About the Artists:

Thomas Agran’s work examines industrialized agriculture’s impact on the Midwestern landscape, as well as both absurdities and eccentricities of its practice. Born in Stanford, Kentucky, in 1986, and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, he went on to study Fine Art at Grinnell College and completed his MFA in Painting at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. His work can be found in private, corporate, and institutional collections, as well as the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. He currently lives, works, and gardens in Iowa City, Iowa. To see more of his work, visit www.thomasagran.com

Sarah Bozaan was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1986. Her process-based work employs photography, printmaking and textile/fiber art. Thread has become an important media in her process-based work as her great-grandparents were weavers in Hafar, Syria. Her parents are both children of immigrants and her multicultural heritage both aesthetically and conceptually influences her work. She holds a B.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Iowa and her work has been featured in local and national juried exhibitions. Bozaan is currently residing and working in North Liberty, IA.

Heidi Zenisek uses sculptural assemblages and installation as a platform to abstract outmoded farming equipment from their former industrial utility and find a rediscovered relevance within the refuse. Growing up, her playground was six hundred fifty acres of dirt, cows, corn, and rust in Solon, Iowa. Since receiving her BFA from the University of Iowa in 2015, she has spent most of her time working and exhibiting throughout Iceland and Scandinavia. She recently moved back to Iowa to continue her art practice where it began. To see more of her work, visit www.heidizenisek.com


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