April 11, 2017 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Dr. Terry Wahls will talk about the long awaited follow-up and supplement to The Wahls Protocol: The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life: The Revolutionary Modern Paleo Plan to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions. The Wahls Protocol has become a sensation, transforming the lives of people who suffer from autoimmune disorders. Dr. Wahls will share the essential Paleo-inspired recipes needed to reduce and often eliminate chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms related to autoimmune problems, neurological diseases, and other chronic conditions. She will talk about cooking on a budget, reducing food waste, celebrating the holidays without compromising health, and share tips to empower people to make lasting changes and finally reclaim their health. "Based on Dr. Wahls' pioneering research, this empowering, easy-to-use cookbook will transform the health of anyone suffering from autoimmune disease." —Mark Hyman

Terry L. Wahls, M.D., is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. She conducts clinical research studying the use of diet and lifestyle interventions in autoimmune and other chronic disease states. Her current clinical trial featuring the Wahls Paleo Diet received the support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She lives in Iowa City, Iowa, with her wife.