October 18, 2017 - 7:00pm
Prairie Lights

Conjunctions founding editor and critically acclaimed author Bradford Morrow will read from The Prague Sonata.  This literary quest novel travels from Nazi-occupied Prague to turn-of-the-millennium New York as a young musicologist seeks to solve the mystery behind an eighteenth-century sonata manuscript that is so hauntingly beautiful, it can only be an unknown work by a great composer. “The Prague Sonata is …at once suspenseful and meditative, classical and surprising, devastating and genuinely inspiring ... Bradford Morrow’s writing is as haunting and as beautiful as the fabled sonata it describes.”―Karen Russell

Bradford Morrow is the author of seven novels and a short-story collection. In additions to Conjunctions, he has contributed to many anthologies and journals. He is a professor of literature at Bard College, and  he lives in New York City. This event will be moderated by John Domini, author of numerous books, including his recent fiction, Movieola. He has taught at Harvard, Northwestern and elsewhere and makes his home in Des Moines.