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Penelope Fitzgerald

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s responsible behavior to read books any more with the US falling to bits around us.  The Book Club tonight will be reading Penelope Fitzgerald’s lovely short novel, Gate of Angels, and it is a lovely novel, but with no guns and little hatred.  Do we deserve to immerse ourselves in the lovely quiet world Fitzgerald has made for our diversion?  Do we deserve diversion at all from the unholy predicament we’ve brought upon ourselves.  Should we think only of the ugly combination of firearms and desperate anger, which keeps us in our homes lest some nut feels a need to take revenge for some imagined slight.

In Iowa?  Why not in Iowa?  Our governor has no problem with Iowans having all kinds of guns and using them for their own purposes.  Iowans have certainly been known to blow their tops.  How frightened should we be?  Surely not too frightened to read.  Surely not too frightened to gather with our friends to share our feelings of care for one another.  It is the time, my friends, to find ways to connect to our loving selves, to the loving selves which surround us, to let go of the petty angers which keep us from caring for each other.

I’ll be at Book Club tonight, though I may be thinking about other things.  7 PM  at Prairie Lights