Paul's Book Club - February 22nd at Prairie Lights

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Leif Enger

We're reading Peace Like A River by Leif Enger. Join Paul and fellow booklovers for a discussion on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. 7:00 pm at Prairie Lights.

Young Reuben Land has little doubt that miracles happen all around us, suspecting that his own father is touched by God. When his older brother flees a controversial murder charge, Reuben, along with his older sister and father, set off on a journey that will take them to the Badlands and through a landscape more extraordinary than they could have anticipated. Enger's novel is at once a heroic quest and a haunting meditation on the possibility of magic in the everyday world.

High School Janitor, Jeremiah Land, is fired by the cruel Superintendent in front of his son Rueben.  Like the Saint that he is he performs a healing.

"Most boys, I am guessing, have never watched outright as their father was stripped of their livelihood, and I don't want to pound it too hard, but the cruelty of that moment still impresses me.  I left my milling classmates and headed for Dad, where he stood in rapt surprise facing Holden. I hadn't in mind to say anything and indeed I didn't; for as I approached Dad lifted his hand, sudden as a windshift, touched Holden's face and pulled away.  It was the oddest little slap you ever saw.  Holden quailed back a step, hunching defensively, but Dad turned and walked off; and the superintendent stood with his fingers strangely awonder over his chin, cheeks, and forehead.  Then I saw that his bedeviled complexion--that face set always at a rolling boil--had changed.  I saw instead skin of a healthy tan, a hale blush spread over his cheekbones that suddenly held definition; above his eyes the shine of constant seepage had vanished, and light lay at rest upon his brow."