Paul's Book Club, March edition: Europeana

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A strange, detached narrator presents a marvelous and at times disorienting vision of the twentieth century. 

"The Nazis started to consider a final solution in 1940, when they decided to deport all the European Jews to Madagascar. The only Jews remaining Europe would be those who had influential and rich relatives in America and the Argentine and they were to be placed in a special concentration camp and about nine million Jews were to be deported to Madagascar, where reservations with self-government  would be set up, and the Jews would be among their own and would gradually degenerate, because Nature had expelled them from her bosom, and without the supply of Aryan blood which they obtained in Europe, they would eventually die out." --from Europeana by Patrik Ourednik

Book Club will be held on March 13 at 7 pm in ICPL Meeting Room B (first floor).