Paul's Book Club: In the Skin of the Lion

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Michael Ondaatje

If you missed Paul's Book Club this week, he still encourages you to read In the Skin of the Lion by Michael Ondaatje (1987). What he calls "a truly beautiful novel from Canada."

"This is a story a young girl gathers in a car during the early hours of the morning. She listens and asks questions as the vehicle travels through darkness. Outside, the countryside is unbetrayed. The man who is driving could say, 'In that field is a castle,' and it would be possible for her to believe him.  
She listens to the man as he picks up and brings together various corners of the story, attempting to carry it all in his arms. And he is tired, sometimes as elliptical as his concentration on the road, at times overexcited--'Do you see?' He turns to her in the faint light of the speedometer.
Driving the four hours to Marmora under six stars and a moon.
She stays awake to keep him company."