Paul's Corner: Mistaken for a King by Dan Kellams

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Dan Kellams

Dan Kellams of Marion Iowa, recently 80, will be reading from his beautifully written memoir, Mistaken for a King, on Saturday, October 29 at 3 PM. The book is self-published, but reads like something out of one of the big New York publishers. It’s a book for those who remember a time in our history when kids could leave home to play with pals and be gone till lunch, then head out for an afternoon’s play. Yes, there was such a time. When people didn’t carry guns around with them, and if the kids ran into a grownup, they’d say “Hi.” 

Dan’s childhood was the 1940s. The nation was at war. Kids played war with imaginary Japs and Krauts, and made extra money with paper routes. The worry was for “our boys over-seas. Dad’s were at risk. Mom’s bore responsibility. Kids did what kids do. The good guys were winning. Marion, Iowa was a very different place, more like a small town.

Dan’s book is the best home front memoir I’ve ever read. People who love Iowa and have deep memories of other times spent here (my days were the 50s) need to come to this reading and pick up a copy of Mistaken for a King. Dan is a lively talker with a great sense of humor. You’ll love chatting him up after he reads.  

--Paul Ingram